Spencer Stebbins

Spencer Stebbins



University of Virginia, PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (2019-present)

University of Virginia, MS in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (2018)

University of Maryland, BS in Aerospace Engineering (2014)


During Spencer’s undergraduate years at UMD, he worked with Dr. Alison Flatau on the development of bio-inspired magnetostrictive flow sensors. His first project at University of Virginia was in collaboration with Rolls-Royce and focused on the development of an anti-icing system for inlet guide vanes. After acquiring a NASA fellowship, Stebbins switched his focus to understanding the aerodynamic impact of highly three-dimensional, scallop-shaped ice accretions on modern swept-wings near stall through the use of computational fluid dynamics. This project has him collaborating with NASA, ONERA, Boeing, FAA, University of Washington, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Wichita State University. Now, while continuing to work on his PhD, Spencer works for Advanced Development Programs at Lockheed Martin in Palmdale, CA as an Aerospace Engineer specializing in CFD.