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  • Abramenko, Monika

    Lecturer , Applied Mathematics

    I received the 'Diplom' in mathematics and computer science from the University of Frankfurt am Main, Germany, in 1993. My first job was as a program developer in the accounting department of a bank. In 2001 we moved to the United States and in 2005 I taught my first class at UVa, Financial Math...

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  • Beck, Mary P.

    Lecturer, Applied Mathematics

    Mary Beck began teaching in the Department of Applied Mathematics in 1989 and retired in 2014. During her time in the School of Engineering and Applied Science she served as the Director of Applied Mathematics, the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, and the faculty advisor for the National...

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  • Chen, Heze

    Assistant Professor, Academic General Faculty, Teaching Track, Applied Mathematics

    Heze Chen is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics. He received his BS in Civil Engineering from Zhejiang University of Technology in 2016 and subsequently worked on construction projects. In 2017, he joined the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the...

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  • Fernando, Nethali

    Assistant Professor, Applied Mathematics

    Professor Fernando's research interests are in machine learning and in projects that combine data science with pedagogy. Prior to joining the Center for Applied Mathematics at UVA Engineering she served as a postdoctoral research associate and adjunct teaching faculty at The University of Texas...

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  • Hellings, Christian (Chris) J.

    Assistant Professor, Academic General Faculty, Teaching Track, Applied Mathematics

    Chris Hellings is an assistant professor in the Applied Mathematics Department, with interests in operator theory, the mathematics of voting, and undergraduate math education. He is from Philadelphia and studied mathematics and physics at La Salle University. He came to Charlottesville to attend...

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  • Lark, James W., III

    Asst. Professor, Academic General Faculty, Center for Applied Mathematics (primary appointment), Dept. of Systems and Information Engineering (joint appointment), Affiliated Faculty, Dept. of Statistics

    Recipient of various academic honors, scholarships, and fellowships

    Developed solution procedure for finite-horizon partially observed Markov decision processes that is now known in the research literature as the “Lark algorithm” (or “Lark filtering algorithm”)

    Visiting Scholar,...

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  • Li, Meiqin

    Assistant Professor, Academic General Faculty, Teaching Track, Applied Mathematics

    Dr. Li got her Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Texas A&M University at Collage Station in 2017. Her research involves numerical computation, optimization, nonlinear analysis, and STEM Education.

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  • Ma, Hui

    Assistant Professor, Academic General Faculty, Teaching Track, Applied Mathematics

    Hui Ma received her Ph.D. in Applied mathematics from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2012. Before joining UVA, she was an assistant professor at Black Hills State University for two years. In her current role at the applied mathematics program, she teaches applied math courses to...

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  • Mahmood, Asif

    Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics, Academic General Faculty, Teaching Track

    I received my Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University at Buffalo in 2012. Before coming to UVA, I worked as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Ohio University, as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Pennsylvania State University - York campus and as Assistant Professor...

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  • Maiti, Deepyaman (Deep)

    Assistant Professor, Academic General Faculty, Teaching Track, Center for Applied Mathematics

    Deep Maiti instructs Applied Mathematics courses and our cornerstone first year Engineering Foundations course sequence. He also serves as a first year academic advisor, working closely with the Dean’s Office. His current research interests are in the field of using...

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