Applied Math Help

UVA Engineering offers tutoring, workshops and instructor hours for applied math.

Applied Math Workshop

The APMA workshop is located in Small 108 and is run by a team of teaching assistants. Please contact your instructor for your teaching assistant's office hour schedule in the workshop.

Tutoring is also offered to students through various organizations:


UVA Engineering's Office of Undergraduate Programs provides free, scheduled on-demand tutoring with student tutors. This service is a great supplement to class and office hours. We recommend you use tutoring early and often. Whether you're trying to catch up or get ahead, complete homework or study for a test, on-demand tutoring can help.

Eta Kappa Nu

Eta Kappa Nu, the electrical engineering honor society, offers free tutoring in many APMA, CS, ECE and PHYS courses for all engineering students.

External Online Resources

Many students find sites like Khan Academy, Patrick JMT (Just Math Tutorials) and Paul's Online Notes very helpful. If you have other favorite sites that help you learn and understand math, please let us know!