Clark Scholars Class of 2026

  • Jojo Adoboe

    Jojo Adoboe

    Class of 2026

    Jojo is from Sachse, Texas outside Dallas. He is considering Biomedical Engineering as a major and is interested in joining National Society of Black Engineers, Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers, and the Multiracial Student Coalition at UVA. Jojo’s hobbies include anime and music, plus he and his whole family are passionate about soccer. 

  • Trey Alexander

    Trey Alexander

    Class of 2026

    Trey is from Culpeper, VA and hopes to major in Civil or Mechanical Engineering. His interests include the gym, music and African American history. He enjoys having a cohort of fellow Clark Scholars who he can count on as friends and classmates his entire time at UVA. He plans on joining SOCKS (Supporting Oncologic Communities, Kids, and Students).

  • Elizabeth Armstrong

    Elizabeth Armstrong

    Class of 2026

    Elizabeth plans to double major in aerospace and mechanical engineering with a goal of making the aviation industry less expensive and more environmentally friendly. She is from Portland, OR and loves outdoor activities like hiking and bouldering. The Clark Scholars program appeals to her as a way to develop well-rounded skills and satisfy her curiosity to learn new things.

  • Stephanie Castro

    Stephanie Castro

    Class of 2026

    Stephanie is from Mineral, Virginia and is interested in Aerospace Engineering or Computer Science. In her first weeks at UVA, she brought a long-time passion of hers to Grounds by starting a dance group called Ballet Folklorico Mexicano. Stephanie also enjoys hiking, gardening, music and jigsaw puzzles. She hopes to join groups like SWE and SHPE and conduct student research at UVA.  

  • Jamal Chouffani

    Jamal Chouffani

    Class of 2026

    Jamal moved to Falls Church, VA in high school after growing up in Idaho. He is thinking of majoring in computer science and economics with a goal of starting a company, and has already run his own tutoring business. At UVA, he has been accepted into the MOCHA/WOCHA program and is also interested in the HoosHack club. Jamal likes volleyball, guitar and personal coding projects.

  • Marie Clement

    Marie Clement

    Class of 2026

    Marie was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and came to Hampton, VA as a child. She plans to major in civil engineering to help develop infrastructure in third world countries. At UVA, Marie plans on joining ultimate frisbee, NSBE and SWE. Outside of school, she is interested in music and soccer. Marie feels the positive environment and diversity of the Clark Scholars program has made it her UVA family.

  • Jake Fulford

    Jake Fulford

    Class of 2026

    Jake is from Chesapeake, VA and plans to double major in Computer Science and Math with the goal to become a successful tech entrepreneur. At UVA, he is interested in Association of Computing Machinery, Data Science and Analytics Club, Machine Learning Club and Effective Altruism Club. Jake’s hobbies include blog writing, forecasting future events, coding projects and reading. 


  • Hari Gajjala

    Hari Gajjala

    Class of 2026

    Hari is from Brambleton, VA and planning to major in computer science with an interest in artificial intelligence. He has experience in making machine learning models to predict weather and identify eye disease. At UVA, Hari plans to play badminton and join the machine learning and data science clubs. He enjoys biking, solving puzzles and ping pong.

  • Hamzeh Hammad

    Hamzeh Hammad

    Class of 2026

    Hamzeh is from Herndon, VA and plans to study Computer Science with a Technology Entrepreneurship minor. His goal is to tap into the boundless world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in order to make an impact on the world. Hamzeh plans to join the Machine Learning Club, as well as the Salsa and Ballroom Dance Clubs. His hobbies include theology, philosophy, global politics and dancing.

  • Spence Hartman

    Spence Hartman

    Class of 2026

    Spence grew up on an island in Georgia called St. Simons Island. As a future aerospace engineer, his goal is to make airplane propulsion systems more sustainable and efficient.  Spence loves college sports and plans on participating in Pickleball Club, Outdoors Club, and a Christian ministry. He looks forward to study abroad through the Clark Scholars as an opportunity to expand his own views. 

  • Gordina Hodibert

    Gordina Hodibert

    Class of 2025

    Gordina is from Boyds, MD near Gaithersburg. She is interested in Biomedical Engineering as a way to advance the healthcare system to make it more accessible to people at socioeconomic disadvantage. At UVA, Gordhie is interested in soccer, Chi Alpha and gymnastics. Her hobbies include reading, soccer and ministry, plus helping develop a sense of community among Clark Scholars.

  • Mira Khan

    Mira Khan

    Class of 2026

    Mira is from South Riding, VA in Loudon County. Mira plans on majoring in computer science with a minor in art in order to become a video game developer. As a child playing with hand-me-down Pokemon games, they were fascinated by the complex virtual stories and worlds created through code. Outside of school, they like to play RPGs, draw and collect cute plush animals, including seals. 

  • Mario Lamas

    Mario Lamas

    Class of 2026

    Mario is from Weyers Cave, VA and plans to major in Civil Engineering. He has always been fascinated by wonders of the engineering world such as the Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge, and looks to make future projects more sustainable. At UVA, he plans to join the Cville Solar Project, ASCE and SHPE. His hobbies include woodworking, pickleball and movies.

  • Mauricio Lopez De La Cruz

    Mauricio Lopez De La Cruz

    Class of 2026

    Mauricio is from Woodbridge, VA and plans to study Computer Science with an interest in robotics engineering or entrepreneurship. He plans on joining the Association of Computing Machinery, Mechatronics and Robotics Society (MARS), Catholic Hoos and the salsa club. Outside of school, Mauricio's hobbies include music, robotics and soccer. Mauricio also wants to use his love for engineering as part of the Clark community service pillar.

  • Chelsey Ojeda San Juan

    Chelsey Ojeda San Juan

    Class of 2026

    Chelsey is from Amelia County, VA and interested in civil engineering. She hopes to reduce the environmental footprint within the construction industry. At UVA, she is involved in undergrad research and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. In her free time she dabbles in photography and botany, but mainly enjoys being outdoors. As a Clark Scholar, she looks forward to becoming a well-rounded engineer through the business acumen and global experience pillars.

  • Michael Park

    Michael Park

    Class of 2026

    Michael is from Lorton, VA and interested in biomedical or chemical engineering as a way to improve the pharmaceutical industry. Michael is planning to join the Asian Student Union (ASU), the Undergraduate Research Network (URN) and possibly a student orchestra. Outside of school, he enjoys listening to music, baking cookies and doodling. Michael loves the community within a community aspect of the Clark Scholars Program.

  • Corrina Peachey

    Corrina Peachey

    Class of 2026

    Corrina is from Elkton, Virginia and planning to major in biomedical engineering. She is interested in solving problems related to medicine and the opportunity to engage in exploratory research. Corrina plays several instruments and loves the outdoors. At UVA, she wants to participate in the Outdoors Club as well as Society of Women Engineers, Knitting Club and hopefully the engineering sorority AOE.

  • Yatzil Romero Rodriguez

    Yatzil Romero Rodriguez

    Class of 2026

    Yatzil is from Charlottesville, VA and plans to major in Computer Engineering. Her goal is to work as an intelligence analyst for a federal agency. At UVA, Yatzil is interested in groups including Catholic Hoos, Circle K, Madison House tutoring and many of the engineering-specific clubs. Yatzil loves the outdoors, music, volunteering and served as the first Hispanic president at her high school. 

  • Tingyo Tan

    Tingyo Tan

    Class of 2026

    Tingyo is originally from Taipei, Taiwan and is pursuing a degree in aerospace engineering. He is passionate about improving aviation safety, specifically finding ways to change how automation affects human skills and pilot performance in the cockpit. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports, traveling, and exploring new places with his drone. He is starting flight lessons at the Charlottesville Airport.


  • Kevin Villalobos 

    Kevin Villalobos 

    Class of 2026

    Kevin is from Houston, TX and interested in Systems Engineering. He got interested in engineering after struggling in pre-calc, then finding the satisfaction of overcoming those challenges. At UVA, he is interested in salsa club and SHPE. His hobbies include tennis, theatre, watching YouTube videos and new music.


  • Leah Winston

    Leah Winston

    Class of 2026

    Leah is from Upper Marlboro, MD and planning to major in Systems Engineering. Her goal is to find ways to use science and technology as a way to advance her passions of diversity and equity. Leah plans to join NSBE, SWE and WOCHA, and possibly clubs related to environmental justice and sexual assault prevention. Leah is a triple threat - a Clark, Rodman and Jefferson Scholar.