Minor Options

The B.S. in Engineering Science is comprised of two engineering or science minors, as well as an Area of Concentration (AOC). The primary minor must satisfy the specific requirements of an approved technical minor in the School of Engineering and Applied Science; the secondary minor may be another approved SEAS technical minor or come from the natural sciences or mathematics minors within the College of Arts and Sciences (CLAS). The courses and requirements for specific minors are determined by the minor department in SEAS or CLAS. AOC courses are chosen to define clearly the major field of study or to add depth to the student’s plan.  For official minor requirements, please consult the Undergraduate Record

To officially declare a minor, please use the Minor Request Form available in the Engineering Undergradate Office in Thornton Hall.



SEAS Approved Technical Minors include:

Approved Science and Math Minors in College of Arts & Sciences (CLAS) include:

The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record of the current academic year represents the official repository for academic program requirements.