TLP - Learning Community Page

The Community

The TLP Learning Community (the TLC) meets every other week and has many aims. More specifically, we use the TLC to build a sense of identity and community among the TLP students, develop leadership skills, learn about electrical and computer systems integration in industry, and focus on career-oriented issues.

TLC meetings have included speakers from TLP industry partners, mentoring by upperclassmen, faculty speakers focusing on integrating topics from multiple TLP courses, field trips, and teambuilding activities. See the current schedule of meeting topics on the calendar.

Logistically, the TLC is a 0.5 credit class that TLP students take every semester starting in their second year. See more about how it fits into the curriculum.


TLP Internships

TLP students are required to complete at least one internship or summer research experience focused on issues related to integrating electrical and computer components into integrated systems. Students are responsible for finding an internship or research experience on their own, but we do a lot to help this process. 

With respect to summer research experiences, which would be a good match for TLP students looking to go to graduate school, talk to any of the TLP faculty about how to get involved. In addition, TLP students should look at the National Science Foundation’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) programs. These programs are designed for undergraduates to gain research experience during the summer and typically provide a housing allowance and a stipend. NSF has a good search page for REU programs. Many REU programs would be good fits for TLP students, so check these out.