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  • Wifi Door Sign

    Often times I need a sign on my door to indicate things like “I’m sleeping don’t bother me” or that I’m not currently in my room. Initially I used simple note cards that I would interchange to indicate things like “I’m away, I’m sleeping, or I’m home.” However, this was limited due to needing physical

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  • Cavalier Combots Present: SabreX

    From a young age, I loved watching the television show BattleBots and seeing fearsome robot competitors like Tombstone and Witch Doctor battle in the arena. The combat robotics teams not only had a great deal of expertise in manufacturing and creating large scale projects like these robots, but also exercise a great deal of creativity in

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  • Smart Mirror Prototype

    This project came about because I had ordered a raspberry Pi microcontroller a few years back and had never even taken it out of the box. The final product is a mirror that displays information including date, time, weather forecasts, google calendar events, and headlines from the New York Times. The mirror features a one-way

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