Members of the Geoenviromental Research Group

  • Craig H. Benson

    Craig H. Benson

    Principal Investigator

    Hometown: Middleton, WI

    Education: BSCE, Lehigh University; MSE University of Texs at Austin; Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

    Interests outside the lab: Mountain biking, trail running, craft beer

    Contact:, 608-444-0007

    For more information, please visit my faculty page.

  • Jiannan (Nick) Chen

    Jiannan (Nick) Chen

    Post-doctoral Research Associate (joined Fall, 2018)

    Hometown: Qingdao, China

    Previous educations: B.S. in Environmental Engineering, Soutwest Jiaotong University; PhD in Geological Engineering, University of Wisconsin

    Research Topic: Compatibility of GCLs with mining waste leachate; hydrologic modeling

    Interests outside of the lab: Soccer, swimming, canoeing


  • Hai Lin

    Hai Lin

    Visiting Scholar (joined Fall, 2018)

    Hometown: Shangrao, Jiangxi Province, China

    Previous education: BSCE, Nanchang University; MSE Hohai University; Ph.D., Hohai University

    Research topic: Multi-sorbent barrier for Radioactive Synthetic Leachate

    Interests outside of the lab: Music, movies, games


  • Sarah A. Gustitus-Graham

    Sarah A. Gustitus-Graham

    Ph.D. Candidate (joined Fall, 2017)

    Hometown: Margate, FL

    Previous education: B.S. in Environmental Engineering, University of Florida; M.S. in Civil Engineering, Auburn University

    Research topic: Predicting the service life of bentonite-polymer GCLs

    Interests outside of the lab: College football, NASCAR, crocheting, hiking, baking


  • Julie Bridstrup

    Julie Bridstrup

    M.S. Candidate (joined Fall, 2018)

    Hometown: Warrenton, VA

    Previous education: B.A. in Environmental Science, Minor in Anthropology, University of Virginia

    Research Topic: Degradation and transportation properties of polyfluorinated compounds

    Interests outside of the lab: Playing music, seeing live music and theater performances, hiking, and cooking


  • Dorian Nguyen

    Dorian Nguyen

    Undergraduate Assistant (joined Summer, 2018)

    Hometown: Yorktown, VA

    Research topics: Predicting the service life of bentonite-polymer GCLs; Effects of atmospheric exposure on the effectiveness of GCLs

    Interests outside of the lab: Photography, Cooking, Cultural advocacy


  • Anna Cerf

    Anna Cerf

    Undergraduate EREF Intern (joined Fall, 2018)

    Hometown: Edina, MN

    Research topic: Comprehensive Review of Odor Control & Abatement Practices

    Interests outside of the lab: Hiking, beach volleyball, traveling, baking