Connor rotated in the Fallahi-Sichani lab, Sheffield lab and Papin lab before joining the Papin Lab during his first year as a graduate student in biomedical engineering at UVA. Read more about him here!

Q: Where did you go to undergrad and what did you study? 

For my undergrad, I went to Penn State. There, I studied Biomedical Engineering, focusing more on the computational side of things.

Q: What is something that you like about your research?

I really like being able to explore the systems responsible for these changes from a computational and biological perspective. Being at the intersection of these fields is something I think is really exciting.

Q: What do you like to do when you aren't working on research?

When I am not in the lab, I enjoy taking walks around Charlottesville, finding new restaurants and shops around town while enjoying the good weather. When the weather isn't as nice, I am often reading a book as I eagerly wait for The Winds of Winter's release...

Q: What is a place (on earth) that you would like to visit/explore?

I think visiting somewhere in East Asia like Tokyo or Seoul would be a really great experience. The gardens, markets and technology are definitely interesting, but mostly, I want to go because it's not like anywhere I have been before.

Q: What is a food you enjoy?

I like a lot of different foods but my favorite is probably Italian. In particular, carbonara is something I will always order when I can.