Graduate Teaching Internship (GTI) Program

An experiential hands-on teaching practicum where graduate students co-instruct a course with UVA Engineering faculty and learn fundamental pedagogical skills. 

Feedback from past GTI Participants:

"As a student, you don't realize how much prep work is involved for professors. I am very glad I got to experience this before being in charge of my own course."


"I think I am a better instructor due to the experience."


"The internship provided active / experiential learning about all aspects of teaching: Mentorship / lesson planning / grading / test planning / other soft skills"


As the Teaching Intern, you will

  • Be listed as Co-Instructor with a faculty Teaching Mentor
  • Receive advisement & feedback from Teaching Mentor
  • Receive course evaluations from students you are teaching
  • Meet with other Interns for support & exchange of ideas


The Teaching Internship covers the followng:

  • A stipend supplement
  • Research-only tuition
  • Student fees
  • Health insurance


GTI opportunities are available for both Fall and Spring semesters each year.  Lookout for emails from the Director of Graduate Programs about upcoming opportunties.  If you have any questions, email Dr. Clobes at