Kelly J Cunningham, PhD

Director, Graduate Writing Lab

Kelly Cunningham is the director of the UVA Engineering Graduate Writing Lab. She holds a PhD in applied linguistics & technology and human-computer interaction (co-majors) from Iowa State University of Science & Technology, an MA in intercultural studies/TESOL and a BA in studio art & mathematics. She has worked with ESL students since 2007 and in graduate communication support since 2014.

Her research has applied UX methods and appraisal analysis to the study of technology-mediated feedback in second language writing and also uses corpus and discourse analysis to investigate specific text types. At the Graduate Writing Lab, she is using similar methods to better understand graduate level engineering writing and communication support. 

Kelly consults with students on writing, presentations and posters at any stage of the process. She also meets with students to work through their writing plans, especially for big projects such as dissertations. 

Recent Publications 

Cunningham, K. J. (2019) Functional profiles of online explanatory art textsCorpora. 14(1). 31-62

Cunningham, K. J. (2019) How language choices in feedback change with technology: Engagement in text and screencast feedback on ESL writing. Computers and Education. 135. 91-99 doi:10.1016/j.compedu.2019.03.002

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Cunningham, K. J. (2017). Appraisal as a framework for understanding multimodal electronic feedback: positioning and purpose in screencast video and text feedback in ESL writingWriting and Pedagogy- special issue on Multimodality in electronic feedback on writing. 9(3). 457-485.

Rodriguez, S. L., Cunningham, K. J., & Jordan, A. (2017). STEM identity development for Latinas: The role of self- and outside recognitionJournal of Hispanic Higher Education #(#), 1-19.

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Rodriguez, S., Cunningham, K. J., & Jordan, A. (2016). "What a scientist looks like: How community colleges can utilize and enhance science identity development as a means to improve success for women of color". Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 41 (4-5), 232-238. doi:

Select Recent Conference Presentations

Cunningham, K. J., (2019) Graduate Engineering Peer Review Groups: Developing Communicators and Community. Paper presented at the ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition. Tampa, FL. Full paper

Rodriguez, S. L., Cunningham, K., Estes, N., Sissel, M. (2018) SSTEM successes and challenges: engineering identity development for women in computer, electrical, and software engineering. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Conference. New York, NY.

Link, S., Cunningham, K. (2018) Make waves! Contributing to the future of CALL by surfing through the past. Paper presented at the Computer-Assisted Language Instruction Consortium (CALICO) 2018 Conference. Urbana-Champaign, IL

Cunningham, K.J. (2017) Understanding text and screencast feedback through appraisal. In Connecting Appraisal and Technology in Second Language Writing Research Colloquium, K. J. Cunningham (organizer). Paper presented at 2017 Second Language Research Forum. Columbus, OH.

Cunningham, K.J. and Link, S. (2017) International, interdisciplinary, interconnected: a decade of CALL research through bibliometric connections. Paper presented at the Technology for Second Language Learning (TSLL) Conference 2017, Ames, IA.

Link, S., Cunningham, K.J. and Ranalli, J. (2017). Call me a CALL expert: mapping the structure of knowledge in the field. Paper presented at the Computer-Assisted Language Instruction Consortium (CALICO) 2017 Conference. Flagstaff, AZ.

Cunningham, K. J. (2017) How technology shapes our language & feedback: mode matters. Paper presented at the TESOL 2017 International Convention & English Language Expo. Seattle, WA.

Cunningham, K.J. (2017) The language of evaluation in written & screencast instructor feedback on ESL writing: An Appraisal Analysis. Paper presented at the American Association for Applied Linguistics Conference. Portland, OR.