Although most students understand that Handshake can be used to find job openings and events happening on Grounds, many students are unaware of the other resources that Handshake offers. From personality assessments to larger job offering databases, there are plenty of tools at students’ disposal within Handshake.  To access these resources, log into your Handshake account, go to the “Career Center” tab, and select “Resources” from the drop-down menu. 

Focus 2

Focus 2 is a great resource because it combines career planning with a personality assessment. It requires you to take five short surveys, focused on values, skills, personality, leisure, and work interests. The results are combined, and then a list of potential jobs that you may be interested in is generated, alongside a list of corresponding majors that the university offers. Resources for study abroad, internship, and major exploration are also provided. 


If you’re apprehensive about the interviewing process, InterviewStream affords opportunities to practice, helping you become more comfortable answering standard interview questions. You can create a custom mock interview experience or practice with a premade one, and InterviewStream allows you to videotape and rewatch your responses to each of the questions. Premade interviews are specific, like an RA interview, a consulting interview, a behavioral interview, or a med school interview, so you can tailor the interview to your needs. The website also has resources for how to prepare an elevator speech, how to avoid words like “umm” and “like” in your interviews, and more.


If you want to find job listings beyond those posted in Handshake or you’re interested in expanding the list of companies that match your interests, CareerShift is an excellent resource.  It’s a database of jobs, companies, and contacts — so you can build your network, expand your knowledge of the career field you’re interested in, and find job openings all within one site. The Companies search feature is particularly helpful if you’re job searching within a specific geographic region and want to generate a list of companies located in that city or region that do the type of work you’re interested in.

Career Insider by VAULT

Career Insider by VAULT allows you to search for jobs, research companies and industries, and hone your job search skills. You can download industry guides to help you learn more about what working in a particular field is like, and it also offers advice guides on specific types of interviews, networking strategies, resume building, and more. But the information on this site isn’t only about jobs — you can learn more about internship opportunities and specific graduate and undergraduate programs at universities throughout the country as well. 

These resources are free for you to use when you access them through Handshake! Try them out today and meet with a Career Peer Educator or career advisor if you have any questions.