How to Apply

There has never been a better time to be an engineer, and especially an engineer who is part of the University of Virginia community.

  • Undergraduate Admissions

    UVA Engineering undergraduates apply and are admitted through the University's undergraduate admissions process. UVA does not have a minimum GPA or a minimum SAT score. The University works hard to take into account all of the information received in each application, so the applicant pool is broad and deep.

    UVA Office of Undergraduate Admission
  • Graduate Admissions

    At UVA Engineering, our graduate admissions process is designed to welcome a diverse, talented, ambitious and well-rounded pool of prospective graduate students. Admissions committees in each of our graduate programs review every applicant's entire package, looking for academic capabilities, research experiences, leadership and passion for his or her chosen field.

    UVA Engineering Graduate Admissions