As the summer season approaches, take some time to reach out to alumni! Beyond getting to know your fellow Wahoos, reaching out to alumni can be beneficial for a multitude of reasons as you progress through your career journey.

Take this chance to grow your professional network, and get your questions answered about what major to choose, work-life balance, academia vs. industry, applying for grad/professional school, and many more career topics. Learn how to leverage the Virginia Alumni Mentoring (VAM) network with this quick 5-minute video which will walk you through the first steps of reaching out to alumni on VAM. 



To learn more about how you can make the best use of VAM, check out this article from the UVA Career Center and this student-authored article on 5 reasons VAM might be useful to you. To learn more about networking in general, find outreach templates, resources to build your elevator pitch, and more here!