Have you ever wished you had contact info for someone at a company you're interested in?

Whether it's after a career fair or info session or during the application process, students often ask us "how do I find someone to reach out to for follow up" or say "I remember who I spoke with...but I didn't get their email address". Today let's look at a few ways to find helpful contact info!

First, go to Handshake to see if the employer has a company profile in the Employers section. If the employer has a profile, look for the "Public Staff List" section. Some employers have opted to highlight one or more of their team members here -- and that means you can reach out to them directly! 

No staff members listed? Check out the "Students Who've Worked Here" section. You can message any of these students to gain insight into the application process, what the company culture is like, and more.

Not finding the right contacts? Next, head to LinkedIn and search for the organization's page. Once there, select "People" and filter by keyword (e.g., "data" if you're interested in "data analytics") or other option. Scroll through the results – does anyone here seem like they'd be a hiring manager for that role, a recruiter, or someone from human resources?

Navigating online resources to identify company contact info

Open video in a new tab to watch Reggie demo the resources in this blog post

If you find you need to dig a little deeper for contact information, take advantage of your CareerShift account (free when you use the referral link within Handshake – Handshake > Career Center > Resources > CareerShift). Create your own CareerShift account using your UVA email address and then head to the Contacts section. If you have the company name, a title you're searching for (e.g., recruiter, talent acquisition, etc.), and/or someone's name, you'll likely find their email address! Check out this brief tutorial to see how to navigate the Contacts section of CareerShift.

Questions? Email us or schedule a 1:1 advising appointment with a career advisor through Handshake