Our Team

Graduate Students

  • Ayatollah (Aya) Yehia

    Ph.D. Student - Systems Engineering

    Ayatollah (Aya) Yehia is a Ph.D. student (Systems Engineering) in the I-S2EE Lab. She received her MASc in Civil Engineering from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. She is working on building a digital twin, utilizing data from multiple sensors and machine learning.

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  • Zahra (Maral) Zhiyanpour

    Ph.D. Student - Civil Engineering

    Zahra (Maral) Zhiyanpour is a Ph.D. student (Civil Engineering) in the in the I-S2EE Lab. Her current research focuses on building surrogate models for DIC and FEA, having real-time engagement with the structure, and creating the digital twin of these models.



Post-Doctoral Researchers

  • Mehrdad Shafiei Dizaji

    Post-Doctoral Researcher - Engineering Systems and Environment

    Mehrdad S. Dizaji is a postdoctoral researcher in the I−S2EE Lab. His research focuses on data-driven and model-driven structural health monitoring developing a deep learning based digital twin of a structure to make infrastructure resilient and intelligent.



Undergraduate Students

  • Sin Lin

    Undergraduate Researcher - Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Sin Lin is a third-year civil and environmental engineering undergraduate student from Brooklyn, NY. Her research at I-S2EE Lab at UVA investigates the role of hemp fibers in thermal-acoustic panels and is supported by a Harrison Undergraduate Research Award.

  • Jacqueline Chao

    Undergraduate Researcher - Computer Science

    Jacqueline Chao is an undergraduate student at the University of Virginia majoring in Computer Science. She is also minoring in Technology and the Environment and considering another minor in Data Analytics. Jacqueline is developing an Augmented Reality application for varying technologies, such as mobile devices, which aims to become an innovative and effective learning tool for the Design of Structural Systems class. Ultimately, this work will also leverage cutting-edge technologies, like HMDs (Head-mounted Displays), to enable 3D visualization and investigation of structural models and their behavior, advancing education in the engineering fields.

  • Connor Lyons

    Undergraduate Researcher - Mechanical Engineering

    Connor Lyons is a second-year mechanical engineering undergraduate student (physics double major) at UVA from Morgantown, WV. Connor’s research is focused on augmented reality mobile applications as educational tools in structural analysis and design courses.