Research Facilities

I-S2EE Lab is equipped with a variety of testing equipment suited for rapid load testing and monitoring as well as equipment dedicated to non-destructive evaluation of civil infrastructure. A comprehensive list of available resources is available here.

Summary of Available Equipment:

  • GSSI handheld GPR: StructureScan Mini HR (2600 MHz)
  • FLIR research grade infrared thermal cameras: Models T440 and A615
  • German Instruments: Mirra ultra-sonic tomographer
  • Correlated Solutions digital image correlation systems (3D and mobile 2D)
  • Bridge Diagnostics – Wireless Bridge Evaluation System
  • Campbell Scientific Data Acquisition Systems (CR9000XC, CR 3000, CR1000)

Peripheral equipment includes suite of (strain gages, LVDT and displacement transducers, tiltmeters, accelerometers, wireless load position indicator, and modal testing equipment)
The Mobile Laboratory for Rapid Evaluation of Transportation Infrastructure is also supported by equipment and facilities within the Resilient and Advanced Infrastructure Laboratory at the University of Virginia and the Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research.

3D Tour of Structural Testing Lab

3D Tour of Structural Testing Lab (v. 2)

3D Tour of ORCL Lab