Information for UVA Engineering Faculty and Staff Following the University's COVID-19 Response Message

UVA Engineering Faculty and Staff:

As you read today in the message from UVA President Jim Ryan, the University has made the difficult decision to move all undergraduate and graduate classes online for the foreseeable future due to concerns over the novel coronavirus. Instruction will resume next Thursday, March 19, all online. At UVA Engineering, we are planning for this alternate course delivery to continue for the rest of the semester.

We recognize you may have many questions about how this will work from instructional, advising, and technical standpoints. We also recognize that students are likely already contacting you with their own questions.

Here are the most important things we want our UVA Engineering faculty and staff to know today:

  • Our top responsibility is to reassure our students that the University has their health, safety and well-being at the core of everything we are doing. To that end, UVA will continue to provide housing for students living on Grounds who will not return home, and will continue to provide dining services, though they will be modified. The University also will offer assistance to students on financial aid who need help in returning to their homes.
  • Students who will spend the rest of the semester away from Grounds and Charlottesville are allowed to come pick up their belongings.
  • As President Ryan mentioned, the University has plans in place to allow research operations to continue. More details will be forthcoming. You can find information now on the University’s research continuity website. Labs remain open.
  • Graduate students who are involved with research on Grounds should know that research is ongoing until further notice. Graduate students who are in Charlottesville and are in alignment with the University’s travel guidance are welcome at UVA and are not being encouraged to leave. More information on graduate students who are away is forthcoming.
  • The University and School of Engineering are committed to students’ academic success, and working together, we will ensure students are able to meet their course requirements remotely, with special attention to graduating students.
  • Staff and particularly faculty, as advisors and instructors, are the first line of support for students; we ask all to focus on reassurance, support and timely responsiveness. Please try to be the first to help students get accurate answers to their questions. You should visit the University’s novel coronavirus website for answers and resources to familiarize yourself with information available to students, and encourage them to visit that website too.
  • If an undergraduate student has a concern or question you cannot answer, please contact or direct students to contact the UVA Engineering Office of Undergraduate Programs at
  • If faculty advisors have students with special cases, or have special concerns about particular students, please contact Will Guilford, assistant dean of undergraduate education, and Scott Barker, associate dean for academic affairs, as soon as possible on a confidential basis. Graduate advisors may contact their department chairs and Amy Clobes, director of graduate programs.
  • For students, more information about online courses and other resources/support will be forthcoming as soon as possible before instruction resumes next week.
  • For UVA Engineering faculty and staff, we want you to know we are committed to ensuring you have the information, resources and support you need to successfully transition your courses to the online environment.
  • In addition to any resources and support the University communicates for online instruction, more information about school-level resources and technical support will be forthcoming as soon as possible.
  • A committee made up of UVA Engineering Dean’s Office leaders, IT personnel and designees from each department/program is working together to ensure that all faculty have the necessary information, resources and support for online course delivery. You are welcome to begin contacting your department/program designee with any questions and concerns the committee should consider, and please let your designee know if you have experience with online instructional delivery tools and would be willing to share your knowledge with colleagues:

⁃        BME - Shannon Barker, sb3xk

⁃        ChE - Eric Anderson, ewa3a

⁃        CS - Aaron Bloomfield, asb2t

⁃        ECE - Harry Powell, hcp7ad

⁃        APMA - Stacie Pisano, sp7h

⁃        STS - Peter Norton, pdn2p

⁃        ESE - Lindsay Ivey Burden, li6n

⁃        MSE - Leo Zhigilei, lz2n

⁃        MAE - Natasha Smith, nls5m

  •   As President Ryan also mentioned, all University facilities remain open and, for the time being, faculty and staff should continue reporting to work as usual and take the recommended steps to prevent illness. A full list can be found here.

This is a significant challenge for our entire University community. However, our UVA Engineering faculty, staff and students are proactive, resilient and dedicated to overcoming challenges of all kinds. We can do this.

We anticipate more communications coming out from the School over the next few days to address specific issues. Please send all concerns or questions on UVA novel coronavirus communications, including those you hear from students, to Elizabeth Mather. 

Please be on the lookout for additional messages in the near future.

Thank you for your support and patience while we work through the next days and weeks.


Craig H. Benson, Dean    

UVA Engineering


Pamela M. Norris, Executive Dean

UVA Engineering


N. Scott Barker, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

UVA Engineering