With partner institutions all across the globe, students have the opportunity to spend a full semester or year studying engineering while immersed in the culture of another country. Students can find transfer course information from previous students here or use the new Engineers Abroad Search Tool to find the right program. If you have a class that you'd like to take abroad that isn't already listed here, consult your study abroad advisor to get it approved. You can find the study abroad transfer credit approval form here

There are two types of credit: direct credit and transfer credit. Direct credit is awarded by UVA programs or those that are developed and directed by UVA. Transfer credit is awarded at exchange and outside programs given that the courses have been approved by an advisor. More information can be found in the table below:

Credit Counts For Direct Credit Transfer Credit
Graduation Y Y
Calculated in UVA GPA Y N
Major/minor requirements Y Y
Elective requirements Y Y
Language requirements Y Y
Requirements in the Schools Y Y
Area requirements in the College Y N


If you are interested in studying abroad at an exchange or outside program, you may also find our pathways program helpful. Pathways are pre-defined study abroad plans selected from courses offered by universities around the world that we believe would be a great fit for your major. You can find out more here