Biomedical Engineering Pathways

Pathways is a new program that offers engineering students in every department a study abroad program that works with their curriculum! Make sure to confirm that the classes will be available when you go abroad since course offerings will vary from year to year.


Pathway 1: IES Abroad: Madrid Engineering, Math, and Science

When: Spring Semester 2nd Year

Transferable Courses:
BME 2104: Cell and Molecular Biology for Engineers
BME 2315: Computational Biomedical Engineering
APMA 3110: Probability/Statistics
HSS Electives Available

Pathway 2: UVA Exchange: University of Glasgow, Scotland

When: Fall Semester 3rd Year

Transferable Courses:
BME 3310: Biomedical Systems Analysis and Design
BME 3240: Biotransport
Multiple BME Electives Available
**Note: IDEAS Lab I is not offered in Glasgow and must be taken over the summer before third year