Getting Started

Interested in studying abroad? Here's how you can get started

1. Complete the Education Abroad Workshop, a 30-minute module that will cover important information about how study abroad works. After completing the module, you will get access to the study abroad application. Here's what's covered in the workshop:

  • Program options available to UVA students
  • Criteria and other policies
  • Advising process
  • Funding and financial aid
  • How to start a study abroad application
  • More resources

2. Look for programs of interest. Consider your academic needs and goals, then look for programs that align with them. Some resources available to you are:

  • Engineers Abroad Website: Our office has developed a website where you can browse through courses that have been previously approved and taken abroad. You can look through this site to get an idea of where students have gone in the past and which programs might be best for your needs
  • Academics: On this page, you can navigate to your major's webpage to see a table view of courses that have been taken by engineering students in the past
  • ISO Advanced Program Search: The International Studies Office (ISO) advanced search can help you filter through many programs and displays the requirements needed to apply
  • Education Abroad in Engineering Flyer
  • Study abroad fairs
  • Study abroad advisors
  • Students that have already studied abroad! Contact our office, and we may be able to connect you with someone.

3. Assess your finances. See how the program you select may impact your financial aid, and consider exploring other sources of funding, such as scholarships and grants

4. Start your application on the ISO Education Abroad website (if you are not already logged in, you will be directed to complete 'Step 1' to log in). Depending on the program, you may need to apply on the exchange institution's website as well

  • Secure transfer credit approval for the courses you plan to take if you are participating in a program that is not developed and directed by UVA

After submitting, you will be able to check your status and proceed from there. Don't hesitate to reach out if to our office you have any questions regarding the process.