UVA engineering students have the opportunity to go abroad during the fall and/or spring semesters, January term, and summer. Semester or year-long programs are a great way to immerse into a new culture by taking courses alongside local students. January term programs are typically faculty-led and focus on a specific discipline. They are a great way to learn more about a country's culture and history while knocking out unrestricted or humanities electives. Our office also offers both faculty-led summer abroad programs and summer research internships. Here are just a few examples of the things students can do:

  • ​Join a group of UVA engineering and commerce students to design a solution for an industry client in Argentina
  • Take second or third year engineering and math courses in Valencia, Spain (one year of Spanish or equivalent is required)
  • Spend a month during the summer exploring German engineering through site visits to Mercedes-Benz, Bosch, the Max Planck Institutes, and university research labs 
  • Work on real-world sustainability projects with Swedish clients in Lund, Sweden

Each program will have different start and end dates, as well as application deadlines. There are four main types of programs you can participate in: 

  • UVA programs: developed and directed by UVA
  • Partner programs: administered by a partner organization, but UVA provides input on the curriculum
  • Exchange programs: you enroll at a partner university alongside local students but pay regular tuition and fees to UVA
  • Outside programs: provided by other universities or private companies and are paid separately


  • International Programs

    UVA engineering students work, study and serve in more than 30 countries around the world every year. Read more to join them! (Roy's Peak, Wanaka, New Zealand)

  • The UVA Engineering Office of International Programs holds a photo contest featuring the best pictures taken by engineering students abroad. (Waiheke Island, New Island)

  • (Roy's Peak in Wanaka, New Zealand)

Engineering Study Abroad Presentation by Victoria Annen

Biomedical Engineering major Victoria Annen talks about her study abroad experience in Spain and why you should study abroad!