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  • Vasil Zhigilei (Computer Science ‘22)

    Vasil Zhigilei (Computer Science ‘22)

    2019 Fall Semester UVA in Valencia

    "The most incredible experience I could have wished for, still feels surreal that I got the opportunity to explore Spain, live on the Mediterranean surrounded by warm weather and palm trees, practice my Spanish, and meet so many new people! I am so glad I studied abroad (to say the very least)! Would definitely recommend Valencia to any and all other students!"

  • Aleyna Bedir (Civil Engineering ‘20)

    Aleyna Bedir (Civil Engineering ‘20)

    2020 January Term UVA in Italy

    "It was amazing to experience Rome through site visits to incredible works of Renaissance architecture and art! I gained an extensive understanding and appreciation for various Renaissance techniques used and the significance of their impact on art history. I believe that having this additional perspective on how the built environment gets shaped throughout history will be extremely valuable as I begin my career as a Civil Engineer."

  • Mara Hart (Computer Science ‘22)

    Mara Hart (Computer Science ‘22)

    2019 Fall Semester UVA in Shanghai

    "My favorite part of studying abroad is learning more about the culture and area. I got to visit three different countries and eight different cities while I was abroad! If you can fit study abroad in your schedule, definitely plan it out and go!"

  • Clare Hammonds (Systems Engineering, French Minor ‘21)

    Clare Hammonds (Systems Engineering, French Minor ‘21)

    2020 January Term UVA in Paris

    "This past winter, I had the chance to spend a J-term in Paris, studying the city and how it has evolved throughout the ages. We got the chance to visit well-known tourist destinations as well as the outskirts of the city, in order to form a better picture of the real Paris. Even if it’s not an engineering class (and even if it's just for a couple of weeks), I would definitely recommend taking a course abroad and exposing yourself to a new culture."

  • Aubrey Winger (Biomedical Engineering, Anthropology Minor ‘22)

    Aubrey Winger (Biomedical Engineering, Anthropology Minor ‘22)

    2019 Summer DIS: Scandinavia

    "I went abroad Summer of 2019, and studied in Copenhagen, Denmark and Stockholm, Sweden with DIS. My favorite part was meeting people from different colleges from all over the United States and exploring several European cities. I would recommend to people planning on studying abroad to take full advantage of your travels, and do as much as you possibly can in your time there. I've included a photo of me in Budapest!"

  • Emma Hand (Systems Engineering ‘20)

    Emma Hand (Systems Engineering ‘20)

    2019 January Term UVA in Argentina

    "I came into college thinking that studying abroad was only for people in a liberal arts major, and that you had to leave college for a whole semester. Never in a million years did I think I could study abroad as an engineer, and do it without missing a semester of college. I'd recommend this program to anyone interested in consulting or wants a chance to experience what it's like working for an international client--and you can't pass up the opportunity to share a glass of wine with your professor!

  • Gabe Hyman (Biomedical Engineering ‘22)

    Gabe Hyman (Biomedical Engineering ‘22)

    2019 Fall Semester UVA in Valencia

    "I took this photo while biking on the highways of Tel Aviv during the holiest day in Israel, Yom Kippur. Out of respect for the holiday, the people of Israel refrain from driving and the kids take advantage of the open roads by biking throughout the city and enjoying the beautiful weather. My favorite part of studying abroad was seeing all the places I got to travel to, being immersed in a new culture and living with a Spanish host family. Not only could I practice and hone my Spanish skills, but I also learned so much about the Spanish culture and made some great memories while doing so."

  • Joshua Sahaya Arul (Computer Science ‘22)

    Joshua Sahaya Arul (Computer Science ‘22)

    2020 Spring Semester UVA Exchange: Greece

    "My favorite part of studying abroad has been being immersed in an unfamiliar culture. The more I learn, recognize, and adapt, the more Greece feels like a home away from home."

  • James Sterchi (Systems Engineering and Economics ‘21)

    James Sterchi (Systems Engineering and Economics ‘21)

    2019 Summer UVA in Guatemala

    "My favorite part of going abroad was the people. You grow so much closer to the ones you travel alongside and you learn so much from those you meet along the way. I would recommend to people studying abroad to make it a point to go somewhere, or do something entirely out of your comfort zone. If you do, you're guaranteed to get the most out of the time you spend away from grounds."

  • Malcolm Miller (Computer Engineering ‘20)

    Malcolm Miller (Computer Engineering ‘20)

    2018 Fall Semester UVA Exchange: Glasgow

    "My favorite part about going abroad was meeting amazing new friends. When I first moved into my apartment, I didn’t know a single person. Throughout the semester, I was fortunate enough to grow very close to an amazing group of people from all over the world. I would highly encourage students to take a leap of faith and go abroad without any of your friends from here in the US. Having a completely clean slate in a country where you have never been before is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I am very thankful I took. Another piece of advice that I would give, especially to fellow e-school students, is to take classes outside of engineering. As much as I love my technical coursework, it was quite refreshing to throw numbers aside for a semester and learn about Scottish History. Finally, I would recommend that students going on exchange take as many photos as they can. Although you’ll make great friends abroad, you likely won’t be seeing them all the time once you come home. Your future self will thank you when you have bundles of photos to look through. They’ll also come in handy when you’re sharing stories with you friends and family here in the US. Although they won’t know the people you’ve met (or maybe even the places you visit), the photos will help them to enjoy your adventures!"

  • Sabrina Stenberg (Chemical Engineering ‘20)

    Sabrina Stenberg (Chemical Engineering ‘20)

    2018-2019 Year UVA Exchange: Edinburgh

    "My favorite part of studying abroad was exploring new places. I would recommend spending as much time as you can making friends and getting to know your city. I felt like I grew more as a person during that one year than during the rest of my time at UVA. In short, just study abroad! It is not always a picture perfect experience, but that does not make it any less worthwhile."

  • Jennifer Long (Computer Science ‘21)

    Jennifer Long (Computer Science ‘21)

    2019 Fall Semester UVA in Singapore

    "I spent my past semester abroad at NUS in Singapore to study CS at the School of Computing and learn more about the history and cultures of Southeast Asia. My favorite part of going abroad was all the new people I met, and how many connections I made across cultural bounds."