John A. Stankovic, BP America Professor of Computer Science and director of the Link Lab, is an inaugural recipient of the IEEE Technical Committee on Real-Time Systems Test-of-Time Award. Instituted in 2020, the award recognizes papers that have had a sustained and significant impact on real-time systems research for at least one decade.  

Jack Stankovic received one of the four awards for his paper, “Misconceptions About Real Time Computing: A Serious Problem for Next Generation Systems,” IEEE Computer, Vol. 21, pp. 10-19, October 1988.

Stankovic’s research interests include real-time systems, distributed computing, wireless sensor networks, wireless health, and cyber physical systems. He is a Lifetime Member of IEEE and Fellow of the ACM. Stankovic has an h-index of 120 and over 67000 citations.

John A. Stankovic

John A. Stankovic, BP America Professor in UVA Engineering’s Department of Computer Science, is director of The University of Virginia's Link Lab for cyber-physical systems.