Jundong Li, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering and computer science, has earned research awards from Cisco and JP Morgan Chase.

The Cisco award will support his research on developing fairness-aware machine learning algorithms and the JP Morgan Chase award will support his research on causal inference for financial applications.

Li joined UVA Engineering to make an impact on data mining use and benefits. His research interests include graph mining, machine learning and social computing. A prolific author, Li has published more than 80 papers in high-impact venues and garnered more than 3,500 citations. The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence recognized Li through its New Faculty Highlights program and invited Li to present Learning Causality with Graphs at AAAI 2021.

Li is jointly appointed to the University of Virginia School of Data Science. Li earned his Ph.D. degree in computer science at Arizona State University in 2019; his dissertation focused on algorithms to make predictive models more accurate and productive, for example by gleaning actionable patterns from high-dimensional or networked data, and tackling practical problems like detecting anomalies that point to malicious activity.