Kelly Research Lab

Our research focuses on the identification of disease biomarkers, the development of molecularly targeted imaging and therapeutic agents, and understanding the molecular mechanisms of disease.

Kelly Group Research

  • Target Identification

    Proteomic strategies that allow unbiased identification of proteins and their post-transcriptional and -translational modifications are an essential complement to genomic strategies. We have developed a method to couple the power of combinatorial screening technologies such as phage display to identify those ligands.

    Identification of Disease Biomarkers
  • Molecular Imaging

    Molecularly targeted imaging agents play important roles in early detection of disease, appropriate patient treatment stratification, and monitoring therapeutic efficacy. The Kelly laboratory has been involved in all aspects of imaging agent development from target identification, chemistry, animal studies, to clinical translation of our agents.

    Molecularly Targeted Imaging
  • Targeted Drug Delivery

    The ability to specifically target cancer while leaving healthy cells untouched has improved patient outcomes while minimizing toxic side effects and patient discomfort. We are developing targeted cancer therapies with the goals of increasing patient survival while decreasing toxicity. The Kelly lab is involved in all aspects of drug discovery from preclinical work to clinical translation.

    Targeted Drug Delivery