Research Pipeline: Molecular Imaging

Molecularly targeted imaging agents play important roles in early detection of disease, appropriate patient treatment stratification, and monitoring therapeutic efficacy. The Kelly laboratory has been involved in all aspects of imaging agent development from target identification, chemistry, animal studies, to clinical translation of our agents.

Selected Publications

  • Thomas, S, Waterman, P, Chen, S, Marinelli, B, Seaman, M, Rodig, S Ross, RW, Josephson, L, Weissleder, R, and Kelly, KA.  Development of Secreted Protein Acidic and Rich in Cysteine (SPARC) Targeted Nanoparticles for the Prognostic Molecular Imaging of Metastatic Prostate Cancer.  J Nanomed Nanotechnol 2011 Aug; 2(112) pii:2157-7439-2-112 Cited 0. PMCID: PMC3273319
  • Ghosh, D, Lee, Y, Thomas, S, Kohli, A, Belcher, AM, and Kelly, KA.  M13-templated nanoparticles for molecularly targeted in vivo MR imaging of prostate cancer.  Nature Nanotechnology.  2012 Sep 16;7(10):677-82  PMCID: PMC4059198