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Communication and networking by machine learning, for machine learning

LICAN focuses on advancing future communication and networking systems that are designed by, and support for, edge intelligence and machine learning. We believe that beyond 5G has created new challenges for communication theorists and practitioners to rethink the system designs, and we envision new tools from machine learning that can benefit this task. On the other hand, edge learning and, more broadly, machine intelligence represents a new “Quality of Service” for communication and networking, which poses new requirements and design challenges.

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Laboratory for Intelligent Communications and Networking (LICAN)
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Virginia

Email: cong@virginia.edu

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Fully-funded Ph.D. student positions are available in our lab. Candidates with strong analytical or engineering backgrounds are welcome to apply. In particular, we are looking for students who are interested in machine learning and/or wireless networks. Please contact Prof. Shen with your CV and transcripts if you are interested.

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