• Department of Chemical Engineering Safety Manual

    All students conducting research in the Department of Chemical Engineering at UVA are required to read, understand, and follow the practices outlined in the Department of Chemical Engineering Safety Manual.

    Department of Chemical Engineering Safety Manual
  • Chemical Engineering DuPont Student Safety Award

    At the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Virginia, we must consider a number of safety hazards in our labs. We have put great effort into developing a strong safety culture at UVA, and have implemented initiatives including walk through safety inspections by the department’s Safety Committee each semester with follow up reports; and coordinating with Environmental Health and Safety at University of Virginia with their annual seminars, online training modules, and annual inspections. The Chemical Engineering DuPont Student Safety Award is intended to recognize the efforts of those that work in the labs daily, the students, and their commitments to maintaining a safe lab environment.

    This annual student award recognizes efforts to improve safety and provides an incentive for safety improvements. The goal of this award is to encourage proactive safety measures and to prevent unsafe practices or conditions before they arise. Ideally, award winners will have developed a new best practice as a result of noticing a safety issue or are reporting a safety improvement such that others in the department can benefit from being notified of ways to improve safety in their own labs.

    Award Applications

    Applications consist of an email to the Safety Committee Chair (currently Prof. Joshua Choi, jjc6z@virginia.edu) expressing the practice/condition that was identified and corrected or the safety improvement that was implemented. A short template for the submission is available on the chemical engineering department website. The application should contain pictures or videos that help understand what was accomplished/implemented if possible. The submission should address the following:

    • Describe the proactive safety measures implemented by the nominee. How did they implement the changes and what challenges were overcome?
    • Describe the impact of the nominee’s contribution. What was visibly different? How many people were impacted or potentially impacted?
    • What was the period of time over which the impact was noted?


    Any graduate student or undergraduate student in the Department of Chemical Engineering may submit an entry for the Chemical Engineering DuPont Student Safety Award. However, graduate student members of the safety committee are not eligible for the award

    Award Amount

    The award amount is $1,000.

    Award Selection

    Award submissions will be reviewed and winners selected by the Safety Committee of the Department of Chemical Engineering, which consists of two faculty and two graduate students in the department. Award selections will be made in the spring semester. Submissions are due by April 1.

    Award Winner Announcements/Dissemination

    Awards winners will be announced along with normal awards for undergraduate and graduate students bestowed on graduating students in the spring. If the student will be on campus in the following fall, they will be invited to present their safety initiative during the annual fall safety seminar which is typically during the first week of the fall semester. If the student is not available, the Safety Committee chair will present the safety initiative(s) that won the previous spring to share the lessons learned to the Chemical Engineering research community.

    Award Application Template
  • Safety Training, Waste Collection, and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) information

    University of Virginia Environmental Health and Safety

    The EHS office at UVA handles University-wide safety training, laboratory waste collection, and other safety information-related responsibilities.

    EHS @ UVA