Professor James H. Lambert, who directs Engineering Systems and Environment’s Center for Risk Management of Engineering Systems, chaired the 2019 Fifth World Congress on Risk. The Congress is organized by the Society for Risk Analysis in partnership with the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Africa Biennial Conference to grow innovation and knowledge across risk analysis and management communities. It brought together government, industry and academic scientists and experts from a variety of disciplines to exchange ideas and research related to this year’s theme, “Development and Resilience.”

As hosts, the partnering organizations continue a tradition of providing global leadership in risk analysis and management science and policy. Participants in the Congress exchanged academic research, innovations, and practical knowledge and experience to expand the frontiers of risk analysis. Combining their interdisciplinary expertise, the participants aim to leverage their insights and grow capabilities to address world societal challenges involving health, safety, environment, engineering and infrastructure, enterprise, emerging technologies, regulation, communication, security, policy and finance. Read more about the program here.

UVA’s Center for Risk Management of Engineering Systems was represented at the Fifth World Congress on Risk in by Professors James H. Lambert, Marwan Alsultan, and Ayedh Almutairi and Alexander Ganin, Zachary Collier and Heimir Thorisson.