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Graduate and Undergraduate Openings

  • Graduate and Undergraduate Openings

    Our lab at UVA is always interested in motivated, creative, and independent researchers at every level. Potential graduate students who are interested in the research group should contact Prof. Lampe and APPLY TO A PH.D. PROGRAM at the University of Virginia. We are interested in anyone with the skills and interests to solve problems related to neural tissue engineering and drug delivery, including chemical and biomedical engineers and neuroscientists. Students interested in undergraduate research opportunities in the Lampe Group should contact Prof. Lampe directly.

Principal Investigator

Graduate Students

  • Rachel Mazur


    Joined group in 2019 | Chemical Engineering

    Ph.D. Student
    B.S. from NC State University, 2018

  • Jonathan Florian


    Joined group in 2020 | Biomedical Engineering

    Ph.D. Student
    B.S. from Pennsylvania State University, 2020

  • Nadeesani Sirinayake


    Joined group in 2021 | Chemical and Process Engineering

    Ph.D. Student
    B.Sc. from University of Peradeniya, 2020

  • JR Eisold

    Paul Eisold Photo - Copy_0_0_0.JPG

    Joined group in 2022 | Chemical Engineering

    PhD Student
    B.S. from University of Rochester, 2021

Undergraduate Students

Lab Mascot

  • Maxwell

    maxwell.jpegDoes research in stealth motion-guided capture system of Sciurus carolinensis

Group Alumni