Lampe Group Meeting Schedule

All group meetings are expected to last about 1 hour. All group members should plan to attend all meetings. Visitors are welcome but should contact Prof. Lampe in advance. Most weeks, one person will present and should plan for roughly 30 minutes of talking with the remaining time for questions and discussion. If you are unable to present at your assigned date, you may arrange with another lab member to exchange time slots and inform Prof. Lampe of the change. Journal club article selections should be sent to Prof. Lampe for approval at least 7 days before the presentation date.

Fall 2023 Schedule:

Fall2023-LampeLab group meeting schedule.png

Lampe Group Facilities:

The new Lampe laboratory is located in Wilsdorf Hall, which is physically connected to the Biology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Materials Science buildings. The laboratory is comprised of approximately 1100 square feet of wet-lab space for biomaterials engineering and biomaterial processing, including a 200 square foot tissue culture room. The laboratory has two six-foot fume hoods, an eight-foot fume hood, two six-foot tissue culture biosafety cabinets, a four-foot tissue culture biosafety cabinet, two tissue culture incubators with one as a tri-gas incubator, a floor-model Beckman Avanti J-26S centrifuge, a 4.5 liter -80┬░C lyophilizer, two orbital shaking incubators, an absorbance-fluorescence-luminescence microplate reader, an inverted motorized phase contrast/fluorescence microscope (Zeiss AxioObserver Z1), an Omnicure S1500 photopolymerization light source, a Schlenk line, a rotary evaporator, and all necessary equipment for standard microbiology, cell biology, and polymer synthesis techniques. We also collaborate with the neighboring Green soft materials laboratory which has two research-grade, stress-controlled mechanical rheometers (Anton Paar MCR 301 and TA AR-2000) enabling the measurement of viscoelastic properties of soft materials.

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  • Pubmed, a web-based search engine for biomedical articles