CPS Education

Undergraduate and graduate education specializing in Cyber Physical Systems.

The Link Lab aggressively supports state-of-the-art education in Cyber Physical Systems (CPS). The current course offerings specifically related to CPS are listed below with a link to their syllabus. The Lab is also actively developing a complete Masters program in CPS. The need for such a program has been highlighted in a National Academies Study on a 21st Century Cyber Physical Systems Education Report.

For the full report see: "A 21st Century Cyber-Physical Systems Education" - John A. Stankovic, James W. Sturges, and Jon Eisenberg. 

NSF Graduate Fellowships now available in CPS!

The Link Lab is seeking graduate students interested in Cyber Physical Systems to join its new NSF funded NRT Program. For more details and to apply for the fellowship please click here.