Information for Link Lab Visitors

Olsson Hall
Olsson Hall (Link Lab on 2nd floor)

Link Lab is located on the 2nd floor of Olsson Hall. Visitors should enter Link Lab from the entrance off of Engineer's Way (shown here in the photo). Once you go into the building, you go to the top of the stairs and enter through the door to the right. There you will check in at the reception desk.

Questions? Call: 434.243.1216

Engineering School Map



There are several parking options near the Link Lab. More information can be found on Parking and Transportation's website.

Central Grounds Parking Garage

For all-day parking, the Central Grounds Garage is about a 7 minute walk from Olsson Hall. Directions.

Scott Stadium Parking Meters

Located on the top floor of the Scott Stadium parking garage, these two-hour parking meters are a short walk from Olsson Hall. Note: enter from Whitehead road and drive through the E3 parking lot to the front of Bryant Hall, and turn left through the gate to access the metered lot. Directions.

Temporary Parking Permit

Temporary parking permits for the E3 lot are available. Your host at the Link Lab may be able to provide one for you.