Headlines and stories about UVA's Link Lab

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  • Autonomous Systems

    From Mico Air Vehicles to Lung Sensors

    What do a fish-inspired vehicle, micro aerial vehicle stability and a body flow sensor all have in common? Autonomous Systems with Fluid Interaction. Assistant Professor Dan Quinn...

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  • Cyber-Physical Systems strength

    Link Lab faculty use prestigious NSF grants to advance the Internet of Things, energy efficiency and wearable health monitors

    UVA Engineering established the Link Lab to encourage collaboration and knowledge creation in cyber-physical systems. National Science Foundation research grants show the wisdom...

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  • New Frontiers

    UVA Engineering Welcomes New Faculty, Innovation in 2016-2017

    The University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science welcomes five new teaching faculty and 16 new tenured and tenure-track faculty in 2016-2017, most for joint...

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  • Advancing the Link Lab

    UVA makes $4.8 million strategic investment in cyber-physical systems research Lab

    The University of Virginia’s Board of Visitors has approved $4.81 million over three years for the School of Engineering and Applied Science to launch a laboratory where...

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