Link Lab Students

Graduate and undergraduate students in the Link Lab.

This page describes the various programs and events for Link Lab students.

Programs, Events, and Resources

  • Link Lab Committee on Culture and Livability

    The Link Lab Committee on Culture and Livability is a student-run committee that aims to elevate the Link Lab experience, for both residents and non-residents. The committee strives to encourage comradery among the diverse Link Lab group through professional and social events and serve as the liaison between students, staff, and faculty.

  • P3: PhDs Practicing Presenting

    P3 is a seminar series for early Ph.D. students (in their first couple years) to hone their presentation skills. This every-other-week informal event is a chance for newer Ph.D. students to practice research presentations and get supportive feedback from peers and faculty.

    Basic information:

    • When: Every-other Thursday, 4-5pm
    • Where: 211 Olsson

    Students are expected to prepare a 10-15 minute talk with slides on a technical topic they are working on. During the seminar session, one or two students will present and take a couple questions, and the remainder of the time is for constructive feedback from the audience. Students are welcome to provide specific areas they are trying to focus on and would like feedback in.

    To sign up for a session, add you name and talk title to the sign-up form.


  • P4: PhDs Preparing for Professorship Positions

    P4 is a series of instructional seminars held in the fall on how to get a faculty job. This includes the following topics:

    • Session 1: Written documents and application [slides] [pdf]
    • Session 2: Interviewing (phone and in-person) [slides] [pdf]
    • Session 3: How to give a job talk
    • Session 4: Other advice
  • Student Services and Wellbeing

    Graduate school can be a challenging journey, and there are resources here at UVA for you when you need help and support. Please reach out when you need assistance, and know that the UVA community is committed to helping you succeed.

    Resources for students