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F1/10 Undergraduate Course

Course title: F1/10 Autonomous Racing - Principles of Perception, Planning, and Control Course Instructor: Prof. Madhur Behl, Computer Science, University of Virginia Spring 2018 - CS 4501/SYS 4582 Students will work in teams to build, drive, and race 1/10th scale autonomous cars, while learning about the principles of perception, planning, and control. You will learn to use robot operating system (ROS), integrate various sensors (IMU, Cameras, LIDAR) on an embedded computer, and implement algorithms for localization, mapping, path planning, and control. The course culminates in a F1/10 ‘battle of algorithms’ race amongst the teams. ---- Credits: Music: ‘Breath of Fresh Air' by Clement Marfo. (All rights to music belong to the music owner and the artist - This video is not monetized.)

New interdisciplinary course on Principles of Modeling for Cyber-Physical Systems

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