Words of Encouragement and Support for Unprecedented Times

Dear UVA Engineering Students, Staff, and Faculty:

University of Virginia President Jim Ryan has informed all of us about a heretofore unimaginable alteration in the University’s operating status, with all classes confirmed to be online through the end of the semester, Final Exercises and all other events through May 15 canceled, telecommuting mandated for all faculty and staff who are not required to report in person to carry out key functions, and more information expected tomorrow about how we will carry out the research mission.

If last week’s UVA announcement did not sufficiently demonstrate the unprecedented dimensions of the novel coronavirus pandemic, this newest set of changes has brought the reality forcefully home.

Over the next days, as we absorb the shock and shifts to our work, study and family routines, please remember this: UVA Engineering community members do not give up. We are courageous, resilient, and accustomed to making sacrifices in service to society. Our core values, knowledge, and skills are relevant – both now, as we participate remotely in support of UVA’s critical mission for education and research, and later when society needs us to rebuild, learn from these experiences, and prevent future global health disasters. UVA engineers are already well equipped to help, and we have every confidence we will.

Throughout the days and weeks ahead, we will continue working together and supporting each other, even though we cannot do so in person. What we said last week holds today: We can do this. Please watch your e-mail for further information from the University and School, and above all, please prioritize your and your families’ health.

We are all part of the UVA Engineering family, and we value each and every one of you. You will be in our thoughts as we work through this challenging time.


Craig H. Benson, Dean

Pamela M. Norris, Executive Dean