More Time Allotted for Students to Plan Courses

To All Engineering Graduate Students,

If you intend to be a student in the summer – on-Grounds, off-Grounds or on affiliated status, current student summer course enrollment begins on March 30th, and the deadline to enroll is May 18th as Summer Session classes begin on May 18th for the first session (  If you expect to receive any form of financial aid (fellowship, GRA or GTA) from the School of Engineering during the summer, you must register for 6 credit hours (full-time -- which can be all research hours).  Otherwise, we do not require our students to enroll in the summer semester.  Please review your SIS account at the beginning of each semester for accuracy.

Fall course enrollment information is also included in this email.  Current student fall course enrollment begins on Friday, April 17th (April 16th for graduate students with veteran/military designation) – these dates were originally April 3rd & 4th but were changed due to current events.  Waiting until the last minute to register creates many difficulties for the system and for you, and I encourage you to register early.  Those of you planning to take no classes and who are just registering for research hours, while it is easy to overlook the need to register as there is no urgency to confirm your spot in a class, you should be the first to register.  If you expect to receive any form of financial aid (fellowship, GRA or GTA) from School of Engineering during the fall, you must register for 12 credit hours (full-time -- which can be all research hours). 

Students in the VEO Program will have different registration dates and deadlines.  Check the VEO website,, for dates and deadlines.  Also, due to the nature of this program, you do not have to be registered for classes at UVA every semester.  If you have problems or receive confusing emails, please contact the VEO administrator, director, or advisor.

Fall 2020:

Fall classes begin on Tuesday, August 25, 2020. In order to be considered enrolled at the University for the Fall 2020 term, students must be enrolled in at least one class/research credit(s) and not have any Negative Service Indicators (holds) by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 28th. Students with Negative Service Indicators at this time will have their classes dropped/deactivated. 

Additional important enrollment dates:

  • Students not enrolled in at least one class/research credit(s) at the University by 5:00 p.m. on August 28 will be required to complete the Late Enrollment process in order to become enrolled.
  • Privileges related to the University ID card will be discontinued beginning on Thursday, September 3 for those not enrolled by 5:00 p.m. on August 28 and who do not complete late enrollment.
  • This includes affiliated status registration, which must be requested to Jayne Weber via email ASAP but by Friday, August 7, 2020 to allow for processing time.
  • Please visit Fall 2020 Enrollment Instructions on UREG’s website for more details. 

In mid-July the fall tuition bills will be sent, if you haven't registered before the bills are produced, then the maximum tuition will be billed (whether or not that is the correct charge for the course load for which you intend to register), and the departments will not be able to enter correct tuition information for you to have this paid. Tuition payments are due by August 19, 2020. Student Financial Services will assign finance holds on students’ accounts who have not paid their fall tuition by that date. You will need to contact SFS directly to remove finance holds to enable you to register. Their contact information is as follows: Street Address: 1001 North Emmet Street (across from the Barracks Road Shopping Center); Phone: (434) 982-6000; Email: I recommend that you call or go to their office instead of emailing.

Waiting until the last minute to enroll in courses creates many difficulties for the system and for you, and I encourage you to enroll early. Please review your SIS account at the beginning of each semester for enrollment accuracy, and verify your academic progression with your Academic Requirements report in SIS.

Important reminders:

On August 28th you will have a hold on your SIS account if you are not registered for at least one class/research credit(s).  You will not be able to register for classes without having to pay a late fee charge at Carruthers Hall to have this fixed. 

*If you expect to receive any form of financial aid (fellowship, GRA or GTA) from the Engineering School in the fall, you will not receive it until after you register.

*If you receive any federal financial aid (loans), your aid calculation may be incorrect and you may have to repay a large sum of money.

The later you wait to register the more potential problems you create and the more work and hassle you create both for yourself and others. Please work with us to ensure timely processing of the necessary paperwork to get properly enrolled for the fall semester. Students should review their account in SIS to ensure accuracy.


For what do full-time students register? Full-time students must register for 12 credits of course and research credits. If you have not registered or registered for less than 12 CR, you will be charged the maximum tuition. You must be a full time student (12 CR in fall and spring, 6 in summer) in order to receive fellowship, GTA or GRA awards.

Part-time students’ tuition will be based on what you register for and you should not register for more than 6 CR or receive any financial aid from SEAS. Enrolling in 9 credits will create a tuition bill similar to that of full-time enrollment.

You don’t see the 1208 – 2020 Fall term. You are not term activated for Fall, meaning that SIS is not expecting you to be a student in the fall semester. This often happens if you are expected to receive your MS this semester but plan to continue in a PhD program. Check with your Graduate Director to see if your expectations match your department’s expectations. If so, your Graduate Administrator can contact Barbara Graves (me) who will request term activation for Fall so that you can register.

If you register for a multi-section research or independent study course, choose your instructor carefully. The instructor of the section for which you register is the only one who can give you a grade at the end of the semester. If he/she doesn’t know you, the grade will not likely be a satisfactory one. Register for the section taught by the faculty member with whom you intend to work. (It is also advisable for you to register for a section taught by a faculty member who will physically be on-grounds for the semester. Faculty on-leave, or working elsewhere, will be less in tune with the academic calendar on-grounds and more likely to forget to submit grades. In these cases, you may want to ask the Graduate Director in your department for permission to register in his/her section of the course and to assign a grade with input from the advisor with whom you are working.)

If you have a hold that prevents you from registering, click on “details” to find out who placed the HOLD and who to contact to get it lifted. The Engineering Graduate Office can only lift an “Engineering Hold.” We can’t lift Financial holds, Student Health holds, ISO holds, etc.

If you have any problems or questions, contact me via email. Below please find a copy of the Add/Drop/Withdraw deadlines for fall 2020 from the UREG web site. Students who enroll in courses outside of Engineering must adhere to the other school’s add/drop date.


Kind regards,

Barbara Graves

UVA Engineering Graduate Registrar