A One-Year Extension

Dear UVA Engineering Graduate Students and Faculty,

I’m writing to share with you that the UVA Engineering Graduate Studies Committee has voted to grant all UVA Engineering MS and PhD students who are enrolled full or part time in spring 2020 a 12-month extension to the normative maximum time limitations associated with each student’s graduate degree program. For MS students, this extends the time limit to 6 years, and for PhD students this extends the time limit to 8 years. This extension is granted due to the effects of novel coronavirus-related operational changes on research.


  • The one-year extension will be in addition to any existing extension that was previously granted by the Graduate Studies Committee or through policy PROV-027: Academic Accommodation for Graduate and Professional Students Who Experience Significant Life Events.
  • While this does extend the maximum time limit for a degree, it does not extend the minimum time or raise the bar on expectations of what constitutes the work necessary to achieve the degree.
  • This extension is independent from any consideration of funding extensions. It extends the time limit for the degree only.

We are still working through the logistical process to apply this update to student records, which will take place in the next 6-8 weeks.


Amy M. Clobes, Director of Graduate Programs