Naegle Lab Photo Gallery

Check out how we stay connected outside of the lab! :)

Winter potluck/white elephant exchange!

Back row (left to right): Kristen, Julianna, Swathi, Saqib, Sam, Carol

Front row (left to right): Andrew, Reagan, Gabi, Candace, Alekhya

lab undergrad dinner!

Andrew, Hamza, Swathi, Carol, Julianna

  • BME Gingerbread house competition 2022. We got 2nd place!

  • Our creation "The Nightmare Before Kristen-Mas". The theme was "Your favorite holiday"

Lab outing to Unlocked History Escape Rooms- Fall 2022

Back row left to right: Saqib, Alekhya, Margaret, Sam, Kristen

Front row left to right: Candace, Gabi, Reagan

  • Topgolf in RVA! (Summer 2022)

  • Maymont gardens

Lab outing after passing our qualifying exams! June 2022

(left to right: Gabi, Reagan, Kristen, Sam)

End of semester picnic- Spring 2021!

Dinner after the 2021 VCU Cancer Research Conference 

(Left to right: Gabi, Reagan, Sam, Kristen, Lionel)

Swathi, Hamza, and Julianna

  • BME gingerbread competition 2021

  • Holiday party- potluck, white elephant, and gingerbread construction!

  • We won 2nd place!

Skydiving!  June 2021

BME Tug of War Competition 2021