Two new learning courses (Leading Your Team Virtually and Acclimating to Remote Work) are now available in Workday.  Please pass this along to your respective colleagues and teams.

You can access them by following this path:

  • Go to your Workday Home page
  • Go to Learning
  • Browse Learning
  • Search (see titles above)

The new courses cover the following topics:

  • Leading Your Team Virtually
    • Access LinkedIn Learning
    • Leading Virtual Teams
    • Remove Leadership Institute
    • Virtual Work Resources
    • Survey
  • Acclimating to Remote Work
    • Accessing LinkedIn Learning
    • How to Actually Work … When Working from Home
    • Working Remotely
    • Time Management
    • How to Collaborate Effectively If Your Team is Remote
    • Microsoft Teams – Tips & Tricks
    • Learning Zoom
    • Virtual Work Resource Page
    • Survey

You and the managers/supervisors within your department may want to read the article Building and Leading High Performing Remote Teams (reprinted with permission from the Society for Human Resource Management/ c 2020.  All rights reserved.).