Grant will facilitate high-performance battery research

The National Science Foundation has awarded Prof. Gary Koenig with a prestigious CAREER research grant. The five-year, $516,222 grant is titled, Particle and Electrode Engineering of High Voltage Lithium-Ion Cathodes.

“New high energy density batteries are needed to improve the performance and economic competitiveness of electric vehicles to contribute towards the achievement of the Nation's long-term energy goals,” the project abstract states. “This project will investigate new methods to improve the performance of batteries by controlling the composition, size, shape, and assembly of the electrode materials that store energy within the battery. This fundamental research aims to design the active material structures within the battery cell to improve the energy density, power density, and safety of the battery. The tools developed will be applicable to many different battery chemistries and will thus advance the state of knowledge in the battery field.”

Additionally, Prof. Koenig was selected to receive the Robert A. Moore, Jr., Award in Chemical Engineering. This award was established in 2007 by Bob Moore (Halsey Professor, 1997) to recognize a UVA chemical engineering faculty member whose teaching, research and outreach activities during the previous 12-month period best represent the interests of industry and best prepare students for industrial careers.