Three UVA papers won “Best-in-Session” awards at Semiconductor Research Corporation’s TECHCON 2017 event in Austin, TX, September 10 - 12. TECHON is an annual industry conference for students funded by SRC to present their work. With over 400 attendees and 32 sessions at the conference, receiving this award is quite an achievement!

The award recipients:

  • UVA CS graduate student and undergraduate student- “Accelerating Pattern Recognition Processing with Hybrid Spatial/von Neumann Architectures”- Jack Wadden, Sanil Rao, Kevin Skadron.
  • Former postdoctoral who recently moved to Illinois- “Crypt-Pi: A Light and Fast Crypto-Processor for IoT Applications" - Mohamed El-Hadedy (UIUC), Xinfei Guo, Wen-Mei W. Hwu (ECE Illinois), Mircea Stan and Kevin Skadron.
  • UVA ECE graduate student – "Deep Healing: Ease the BTI and EM Wearout Crisis by Activating Recovery"- Xinfei Guo and Mircea Stan.