Geise Research Group Featured in VOA Story on Desalination

UVA Professor Geoff Geise recently was interviewed for a Voice of America report by George Putic that discusses the role of desalination technology in providing access to clean water.

The Geise Research Group in the Department of Chemical Engineering at UVA focuses on experimental studies aimed at solving fundamental and practical problems related to water and ion transport through polymers that could be used as membranes in a variety of water purification and emerging energy applications. Providing sustainable and economic supplies of purified water and clean energy solutions is a critical global challenge for the future, and polymer membranes will play a key role in these efforts. Prof. Geise's research focuses on developing structure/property/processing relationships to guide polymeric materials design for membrane-based liquid separation and energy applications by understanding the influence of nano- and molecular-scale interactions and phenomena on mass transfer and system-level performance.