John Hossack Achieves 100 U.S. Patents

This April, John Hossack, professor of biomedical engineering, earned U.S. Patent 9,949,722 "System and Method for Binding Dynamics of Targeted Microbubbles"—his 100th U.S. Patent overall and his 29th in 18 years as a faculty member at the University of Virginia. Hossack achieved his other 71 patents at Acuson/Siemens before coming to UVA.

Hossack’s work focuses on the use of ultrasound and microbubbles in imaging and drug delivery. His innovative discoveries played a role in three successful startup companies headquartered in Charlottesville: PocketSonics, Rivanna Medical and SoundPipe. Hossack says innovation heavily relies on collaboration between peers, students, technicians, mentors and investors.  His 100th patent involves co-inventors Will Mauldin and Shiying Wang, both former doctoral students in the Hossack Lab, and Sasha Klibanov, associate professor of medicine. 

Hossack was named a 2016 UVA Edlich-Henderson Innovator of the Year, given to University faculty members whose research discoveries are making a major impact on society. Read more here:  UVA’s Top Innovators Are Revolutionizing Medical and Communication Technologies