November 4-5, 2018

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Hosted by the Center for Advanced Biomanufacturing at the University of Virginia, this meeting will bring together experts from industry, government, non-profits, and academia. We will discuss foundational research, technology development, and product commercialization toward creating an advanced biomanufacturing industry for the United States. Invited speakers and panelists will discuss ongoing research in biofabrication and cell manufacturing, government funding and regulatory considerations for biomanufactured tissues and organs, and clinical implementation of regenerative medicine products. 


For information related to UVA Biomanufacturing Symposium sponsorship, contact John Ralston, Director of Corporate Relations.


Detailed agenda to follow.  For more information or details about the symposium, please contact:
George Christ, Ph.D. Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Orthopaedic Surgery
Shayn Peirce-Cottler, Ph.D. Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Tom Barker, Ph.D. Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Kyle Lampe, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
Steven Caliari, Ph.D.,Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering
Nathan Swami, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering

About the Center for Advanced Biomanufacturing

A collaborative team of interdisciplinary researchers, clinicians, and educators who share the overarching goals of: 1) Developing biomanufacturing strategies and biomaterials for the scaled-up construction of structurally and functionally complex tissue systems. 2) Educating and training the next generation of technical experts and users of biomanufactured products to become leaders who drive this new industry forward.

About Last Year's Symposium

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