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This story is excepted from a story that appeared June 20, 2018 in the Daily Progress

UVA biomedical projects receive significant Catalyst funding


From the Daily Progress Article:

UVA winners [of Virginia Catalyst funding] include researcher George Christ, who will work with Old Dominion University and medical device company Embody to investigate bio fabrication of regenerative musculoskeletal therapeautics — combining stem cell research and regenerative medicine to regrow limbs.

Christ said in an email that the project was sparked by an undergraduate in his lab who wanted to work with Embody during her capstone. Christ said he was encouraged by his student's initiative and by the public-private partnerships that allow his team to focus on "restoring form and function to civilians and wounded warriors."

"All of these aspects are so critical to getting regenerative medicine/tissue engineering technologies to the patients that need them — and the Catalyst funding provides an ideal mechanism to further develop and commercialize key technologies to accelerate clinical translation, and of course, economic growth," Christ wrote. "This program enabled us to build the critical mass of talent to execute this project, and more broadly, will provide the expertise and resources in Virginia to make us world leaders in advanced bio manufacturing and clinical translation of tissue engineering/regenerative medicine technologies."


Some further detail

The recently graduated student is Nanomedicine '18 Madison Janek. The partnership she initiatived between George Christ's Lab and Norfolk-based Embody has yielded $800K in Virginia Catalyst funding and $2.4M from Embody.  Michael Francis, PhD, is Co-Founder and Chief Science Office of Embody.  George Christ, PhD, is Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Orthopaedic Surgery, the Mary Muilenburg Stamp Professor of Orthopaedic Research, and Director of Basic and Translational Research in Orthopaedic Surgery. 

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