2018 ECE Department Awards Picnic Winners

  • Charles L. Brown Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Award for Excellence
    Nathan Koch, Scott Kirkpatrick
  • Louis T. Rader Chairperson’s Award
    Scott Anderson, Atiena Branch
  • Louis T. Rader Chairperson’s Award Best Capstone
    Scott Anderson, Yagyaansh Goenka, Keziah Knopp, Jonathan Lowe, Jae Eun Son
  • James S. Miller Award 
    Kay Hutchinson, Jon Gustafson
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Assistant -
    Kyle Mosman, Yagyaansh Goenka, Joseph Daly
  • Louis T. Rader Graduate Research Award
    Ge Song
  • Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant
    Karina Torres Castro
  • Outstanding Teacher Award
    Farzad Farnoud
  • Faculty Educational Innovation Award
    Joanne Dugan
  • Faculty Leadership Award
    John Lach
  • Faculty Research Award
    Mircea Stan

Fall 2018 ECE Orientation Research Poster Contest

First Place - Haoyi Ma - OSLO: Automatic Cell Counting and Segmentation for Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cells

Second Place (tie) - Yongming Qin and Samin Yasar - Safety Monitoring in Robotic Surgery: Autonomous Surgical Debridement

Second Place (tie) - Haoyi Liang - Mouse Brain Reconstruction with Confocal Microsocpy