Projects must link 3 Faculty across 2 Disciplines - and Multiple Schools

3 Cavaliers is a UVA seed fund that provides rapid seed funding for collaborative research. Awards are between $15,000-60,000, and the funding is intended for new research projects that may not be ready for external funding or may not fit traditional funding models. The rules are that each funded project must bring together 3 faculty from at least at least two disparate disciplines, located in different units or schools. Assembly of faculty teams is underpinned by a new university-wide faculty expertise database developed as a part of the 3 Cavaliers program.

New Program Provides Rapid Seed Funding for Collaborative Research


Here are the BME faculty projects funded in the first round of proposals. A list of all 77 projects funded in the first round is here.

“Modeling cerebral reperfusion injury using photoacoustic microscopy and oxygen-sensing nanoparticles”

  • Yashar Kalani (Neurosurgery), Song Hu (Biomedical Engineering), Shayn Peirce-Cottler (Biomedical Engineering)

“Role of innate immunity in impaired neurodevelopment during zika virus infection”

  • Young S. Hahn (Microbiology), Kevin A. Janes (Biomedical Engineering), Chia-Yi Kuan (Neuroscience)

“Neuromuscular pedicle for improved functional outcome of novel muscle regeneration scaffolds”

  • Patrick S. Cottler (Pastic Surgery), Chris Highley (Biomedical Engineering), George Joseph Christ (Biomedical Engineering)

“Determination of Cardiac Reserve in Heart Failure using Pulse Wave Velocity Analysis”

  • Sula Mazimba (Medicine), John A. Hossack (Biomedical Engineering), Andrew D. Mihalek (Medicine)

“Development of antibiotic resistance ‘in the wild’”

  • Jason A. Papin (Biomedical Engineering), Lisa Colosi Peterson (Engineering), Peter M. Kasson (Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics and Biomedical Engineering)

“Small molecule inhibitors of the CXXC domain, an epigenetic reader of DNA methylation”

  • John H. Bushweller (Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics), Steven Richard Caliari (Chemical & Biomedical Engineering), Francine Evalina Garrett-Bakelman (Medicine)

“Genetic modification of dietary effects on nutrient distribution and metabolism”

  • Susanna R. Keller (Medicine), Sibylle Kranz (Kinesiology), Mete Civelek (Biomedical Engineering)

“Predicting Functional Deficits after Volumetric Muscle Loss in the Lower Extremity”

  • David B. Weiss (Orthopaedic Surgery), Susan A. Saliba (Kinesiology), Silvia S. Blemker (Biomedical Engineering)

"The effects of oral inorganic nitrate supplementation on lower limb perfusion and metabolism during exercise in patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)"

  • Jason Allen (Curry School), Craig Meyer (Biomedical Engineering), and Chris Kramer (Cardiovascular Medicine)